what is business exactly?

Jamie Meyer
3 min readOct 9, 2020

The New Webster’s Dictionary defines [busi*ness] n. ones regular employment, profession, occupation | ones personal affair, concern, duty | something requiring attention | active selling, transactions | a commercial firm or enterprise.
Ultimately, isn’t Business far more complicated than this? Don’t we have a much higher regard for the required investment into whichever Business we chose to be involved in?
We hinge our livelihoods on our Employment or our Company and we uphold a great deal of our Self Worth on our achievements, credentials and successes through Businesses and Careers.
We as People are driven to begin, create or build Businesses to express or share our inspiration or ingenuity. Just as it is People, that choose to work within specific Businesses. It is People that form the Teams who are inspired to drive the Business and People who are the Market that interact with the Business that aligns with their needs as a Consumer.
There in making Business a far more personal endeavour than just the mere turnover of transactions, numbers and Market definitions. Because in reality the core of Business is always People, it is an Economic and Marketable way in which we the People, can trade our loves, passions, skills, interests or continue generations of family investment and history.

Our societies’ days of trading go back to the Paleolithic Age in which, ironically, money was not significant nor was our Gross, Stock Market Worth or Shares Value. Over the Centuries Business has been defined, redefined and revolutionised. It has been studied and written about, articled about, made the news for both positive and negative impacts on our Communities. Today, our Business premise is a contorted reflection of Modern Capitalism.
Alone under the definition of Capitalism there are at least a dozen different variations that have been historically recorded, all of which are more Market specific rather than timeline specific, with each Country or era of Rule systemising the version they believe best to fit their Economy. And in turn, each Business or Board determining the way in which they conduct themselves within these parameters.

But what is the central core of Business? Where did we contort our reason for Business? Where did our Legal obligations become the sole dictation for which we set our Business’s foundations? When did our Share Value or Investors become the answer to our Business instead of our People? The very People who are the definition of Business.

Despite Economic or Market dictations, we have the choice and ability to innovate and find our own Cause, Reason and Purpose in Business. We control our very own definition of Business, somewhere our translation of this ability has been misplaced and we find ourselves panicked and distraught in the face of change throughout the World. Maybe it isn’t the Economy that dictates our success but the manner in which we choose to define our Business to begin with that is the culprit? Does a Diamond not continue to shine if is is maintained and polished….



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